Training materials

Enhance your training with our image consulting training material

Our range of image consulting training materials is specifically designed for trainers and those wishing to become trainers in this field. With our quality materials, you have at your disposal a variety of teaching resources, including manuals, guides, videos and online training, developed by experts in the image consulting field.

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Manuals and guides: Quality teaching resources for your training courses

Our manuals and guides, created by image consultancy experts, are invaluable tools for anyone providing training in this field. Covering a multitude of topics, from morphology and color analysis to personality and lifestyle assessment, these resources are essential for enhancing your training courses and improving your trainees' understanding.

Educational videos: Practical demonstrations to enhance your training courses

To complement our printed resources, we offer educational videos providing practical demonstrations of various image consulting techniques and methodologies. These videos are an excellent way to enrich your training courses and show your trainees how to apply techniques in real-life situations.

Give your trainees hands-on experience

Our online courses, designed by experienced trainers, are a valuable asset for anyone offering image consulting training. These courses offer an immersive, hands-on learning experience on a wide range of subjects.

Our image consulting training materials are an invaluable resource for all trainers and aspiring trainers in this ever-evolving field. Regardless of your level of experience, our quality teaching materials will help you enrich your training courses and deliver high-level image consulting instruction.