Makeover shades

Use our makeover color charts to showcase your know-how and expertise to your customers. Pocket-sized and hardback, these relooking color charts are indispensable tools for relooking coaching sessions and must-haves for image consultants and beauticians. Which hair color to choose, which professional make-up to wear in autumn, which dominant hue for your summer outfits, ... with the relooking color charts, offer real added value to your customers. In line with the 4-season method, relooking color charts will accompany you in your shopping sessions, but also when you go to the hairdresser or beautician, so choose it now on Matériel Relooking.

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Makeover colour charts: a valuable tool for image professionals

Makeover color charts are essential tools for image consultants and beauticians. They enable you to visualize the colors that best enhance an individual, according to their season. With our color charts, you can offer real added value to your customers, helping them to choose the colors that suit them best.

The 4 seasons method: the basis of our makeover colour charts

Our makeover color charts are designed according to the 4 seasons method. This method classifies individuals according to their natural coloring, corresponding to the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. With our color charts, you'll be able to pinpoint your client's season and recommend the colors that suit them best.

The advantages of relooking color charts for your coaching sessions

Compact and durable, our makeover color charts are perfect for makeover coaching sessions. They'll accompany you during shopping sessions, hairdressing or beauty appointments. They'll help you guide your customers towards the color choices that best suit their season and enhance their natural beauty.