Drapages Relooking

The draping stage is crucial in the makeover process. It involves the use of different colored scarves to determine which colors best enhance the individual. Our experience in the image consulting field has enabled us to develop a set of scarves that is in line with the 4 seasons method.

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Understanding the 4 seasons method

The 4 seasons method is a classic approach to draping relooking. It's based on the idea that the colors that bring out the best in us are those that correspond to our natural "season" - spring, summer, autumn or winter. Warm and cool colors are precisely represented in our scarf set, enabling you to make a quick and effective color diagnosis.

The quality of our draping scarves

We have taken care to select an identical polyester backing for all our drapery scarves. This guarantees identical color definition and ensures the durability of the scarves. With our scarf set, you can be confident in the accuracy of your color diagnosis.

Makeover draping: the key to your success

The relooking drape is the key to your success, allowing you to carry out your service with complete peace of mind. Thanks to our set of scarves, you'll be able to precisely determine the color palette that will best enhance your customers' look. Choose precision and quality for your makeover sessions.